TwinkleToes Shoe Boutique opened its doors in Tallahassee, Florida, November 2006 after I retired from the State of Florida.

TwinkleToes managed very well, although personal funds were used to stock the business, not knowing there were resources available for small businesses. We managed to survive through 2008-09 when newspapers were released that stated we were in a recession. Everyone closed their wallets and began to purchase just what was needed. We fell behind and things just got worst by the day. We made it until 2010 when my lease ended and I closed the business for one year to undergo hand surgery and try to recuperate from the losses. I continued to work via internet and home-based. Just could not bounce back enough to regain most of the loss.

Some customers apprised me of FAMU Small Business Development Center and I contacted Mr. Keith Bowers. We met several times, worked on a Business Plan and I thought I was ready for the application to be processed. Unfortunately, there were a few personal obstacles that kept me from applying at that time. I never gave up the dream that someday TwinkleToes would be fully stocked, expanded and in a store again.

My husband and I utilized personal funds again after an opportunity arose to move into Governor’s Square Mall. Moving in underfunded, we gave it our all-in-all. Finally, the time came to restock merchandise, and we were unable to fully stock the store. I tried private funding sources, although, no one wanted to give me an opportunity. Everyone said the business wouldn’t survive in this economy. I knew better, I knew what God had instilled within me and i was going to pursue it. I could not give up on the dream!

After seeing Mr. Bowers in the Governor’s Square Mall, I knew this was an opportunity to seek funding for the business. Mr. Bowers came in and talked with me about the condition of my business. I explained to him the problems I faced in obtaining working capital. He reviewed my financial statements and told me that he felt that the SBDC could help.

In February 2012, I was referred to K-WAM Financial Solutions to get the funding process started. They were able to assist and referred me to a lender that immediately processed my application and issued me step-by-step instructions what was needed to get approval for funding.

The process was stress-free and today TwinkleToes is funded, fully stocked with two part-time jobs created and on the road to a successful, prosperous business. Many thanks to FAMU Small Business Development Center for their assistance in helping small businesses like TwinkelToes to succeed.

I will always be grateful to my two sons and husband, who have always believed that TwinkleToes is a gift from God and have kept encouraged, even in our most difficult situations.

I am living my dream and my destiny fulfilled, thanks God and FAMU Small Business Development Center for caring!

Client Statement about SBDC:

I would recommend any business owner or anyone thinking about starting a business to apply for funding through SBDC at FAMU. They are people that care about your success and will recommend the right funding process for your business. Apply, even if it is for working capital, It’s available and SBDC at FAMU will do everything to help you in all your business needs.

Business Analyst Statement on Client:

I assisted Mrs. Rollins in preparing projections and identifying marketing resources and developing a marketing strategy. I stressed the importance of preparation and patience involved in obtaining financing. I was inspired by her determination and faith in her ability to get her business back on track.