How to navigate the legal system as a first-time entrepreneur.

Starting a new company is a daunting task. From inception to opening, it’s easy to get lost on what needs to be accomplished. Especially when it comes to legal matters.

Questions you may ask yourself could be, “should I be an entity, and what type of entity should I be? A corporation? An LLC? What is best for me?” This important decision has tax consequences, governance consequences and different compliances.

What are the legal mistakes many first-time entrepreneurs are making?

LegalZoom’s General Counsel, Chas Rampenthal, said, “The No. 1 mistake they make is they wait until they’re in trouble, and they scramble for a lawyer. It’s like waiting until a tooth falls until you go see a dentist. It’s just the wrong time.”

There is more valuable information that can help you jump the “legal hurdle” and get you on the right track for your business. Read the rest of the article on The Biggest Legal Mistakes a Startup Can Make over at Fortune Magazine >