When we want to make something great happen in our business (and life)–no matter how big or small–it is easy to assume that it must be done quickly, right now.  The tick-tock of the clock weighs heavily upon us. We soon become acutely aware of precious time slipping through our fingers.  As entrepreneurs, we become preoccupied with the idea that to be successful we must be Superwoman  (or Superman) and make it happen right now, today, or yesterday! This thinking is reinforced by society and mainstream media; it is the traditional self-development ideology that is “chocked-full” of seize the day mantras and painful reminders of the fragility and reality of life that faces us all.  Now I am not saying this type of encouragement is wrong.  In fact, I am a huge believer in putting yourself on the line — just going for it! For it is often the reluctance to do so — fueled by fear and unhelpful ego chats — that blinds us of our true potential. But what I am acknowledging is that diving in “right now” as though your life and business depends on it is not always the best approach in every situation.  Read More…..