You call it making your money work for you. The Internal Revenue Service calls it unearned income. Regardless of the name, the tax collector wants to know how much you make each year on earnings from your savings accounts, stocks and bonds, certificates of deposit or mutual funds.

Just how you report your investment income, however, depends largely on how much you made. For many taxpayers, the process is relatively simple and requires no additional tax forms. Those who pocketed a bit more from their investments will have to give the IRS details via extra forms.

And every investor who benefits from the lower capital gains and dividend tax rates will have to pay for their tax savings by running extra computations to figure out their precise IRS bill.


The Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week in the Big Bend Area focuses on the outstanding achievements and contributions made by minority businesses and the significant support given to minority business development by government and the corporate  community. This event is organized annually and as a part of this celebration, the “Reggie Rolle Award” recipient is recognized. This award was created to honor the memory and hard work of the first Chairman, the late Rev. Dr. Reginald L. Rolle.

This years recipient of the “Reggie L. Rolle Champion Award” is Dr. Carolyn J. Ryals of KopyKat Copy Center. Dr. Ryals is a native of Boca Raton, Florida and for more than a decade Dr. Ryals, along with her sister and Assistant Manager Jannette Washington has owned and operated the KopyKat Copy Center, located near FAMU’s campus. Dr. Ryals is well-known for volunteering her time and serves on the boards of the Tallahassee Shelter and the C. K. Steele, Sr. Foundation. She is a proud member of Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, where she serves with the women’s ministry, the choir ministry, Sunday school teacher, Chair Emeritus and Advisor for the Homeless Ministry. Dr. Ryals also served on the board for both the Mayor’s Task Force to end Homelessness and the Coalition for the Homeless… Congratulations Dr. Carolyn J. Ryals.