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Tarah Jean | Tallahassee Democrat Florida A&M University graduate Elijah Rutland recently returned to where his journey toward becoming an acclaimed artist began – on campus. His return was as a commissioned designer featured by Xfinity to produce almost a dozen of his handcrafted works of art on just as many college campuses. Through Xfinity’s HBCU (Historically Black College and University) tour […]

Businesses should consider several elements in preparing for a disaster. Not only is it important to protect the staff, building, data, and inventory of a company, it is also critical to prepare a plan to continue operations following the disaster. A good plan may include provisions to relocate to a pre-identified site, retrieve data, including […]

39th Annual Small Business Week Awards Luncheon   The Small Business Week Awards Luncheon will be held on Thursday, May 9th at 11:30 at the University Center Club.  During the event we will recognize outstanding local entrepreneurs and business owners that have contributed to the vibrancy of our economy. In addition, we are excited to […]

How to navigate the legal system as a first-time entrepreneur. Starting a new company is a daunting task. From inception to opening, it’s easy to get lost on what needs to be accomplished. Especially when it comes to legal matters. Questions you may ask yourself could be, “should I be an entity, and what type […]

On January 18th, our Nation will celebrate the life of one of the most respected leaders of our time who stood against inequalities – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Dr. King’s most important accomplishment took place in 1963 where he led over 200,000 people to the Lincoln Memorial overlooking the Washington Monument. It was there […]

“Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map” is an initiative to help local businesses increase their presence online. Presented by Google, and the Small Business Development Center at Florida A&M University (Florida SBDC), staff worked with business owners, city officials, and lovers of all things local to spread the word about the importance of getting […]

Florida A&M SBDC Executive Director, Keith Bowers, sat down with the Tallahassee Democrat to discuss the SBDC Center. See the interview on the Tallahassee Democrat’s web site here >

FSBDC at FAMU would like to thank the students from the School of Business Student Volunteer Program at Florida A&M University for their presentation today for one of our FSBDC Clients. The students presented information in detail to the client and in return they were very pleased with the presentation. GREAT JOB STUDENTS!

Topic: Financing Tuesday, August 12, 2014 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Small Business Development Center, Innovation Park The Morgan Building Tallahassee Every new business idea needs financing to start. Where do these funds come from? This course is designed to explore the avenues that are available to entrepreneurs who desire to start a new business. […]

Topic: Start-up Assistance Tuesday, August 05, 2014 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Small Business Development Center, Innovation Park The Morgan Building An intensive, hands-on workshop, the How to Write a Business Plan course instructs participants on the purpose, structure and content of a business plan. Designed to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and tools […]